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Educational Opportunities |  There are ample opportunities to learn how to grow vegetables in our ancient peat soil and how to tend, prune, and cultivate a beautiful orchard. Our animals need a watchful eye, so one will learn how to spot a sick or injured animal and how to treat them accordingly. There are always a variety of projects that will require basic carpentry, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing skills. We can be of service and show you what we know in those departments.


Compensation |  In exchange for 25-28 hours of farm labor per week, we provide a studio apartment with a kitchen and bathroom OR a nice spot of land to park your RV. We also provide many opportunities for hands-on farm education and a single 160' long row in the vegetable garden for you to grow your own veggies. And lastly, we like to share in the farms excesses, this often translates into extra apples, parsnips, garlic, squash, pumpkins, asparagus, etc. We believe the remainder of the week can be used to obtain part-time employment in our community and explore the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. No dogs, cats or children please.

Skills Desired |  Above all, a strong work ethic, ability to pace yourself with strenuous labor and a willingness to get your hands dirty will get you far on this farm. Those with an inquisitive nature, assertive personality, good observation skills and a desire to learn new skills will do well. A big interest in eating and cooking healthy, delicious food is a plus!

Meals | From time to time we all get together to share a meal or have tea time, especially after working together after a long day. All other meals you will be on your own.

Contact Us for an Application | Jennifer White | | (360) 215-0786

Farm Intern Sheep Lamb Animal Husbandry
Around here, the view is always changing. We will be getting our hands dirty growing vegetables, tending the sheep and chickens, and maintaining the apple orchard. We have 200 chickens that need to be fed and have eggs to collect several times a day. There is small flock of sheep that is tended to on a daily basis, primarily the feeding of hay and turning out into the pastures. During the spring and summer months we raise 20 pigs that get fed and watered 2 to 3 times a day. There are always fences that need mending, poop that needs to be shoveled, weeds that need to be weeded, and a million other things that haven't let themselves be known yet. There is rarely a dull day on the farm!

Internship Starts |  Around February 1st (flexible)
Internship Ends |  Around November 30th (or longer)
Number of Openings |  1-2 (Must be 18 years or older)
Application Deadline |  Accepting applications now
Minimum Length of Stay |  Until November

** We are a WA State Approved Farm Internship Program and we offer our interns L&I insurance/workers compensation coverage. **

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